Modern day pets have found a place in our homes, our families, and our hearts. They are no longer just guard dogs or neighborhood strays.  The Public Pet hopes to continue this societal shift in creating a well deserved seat for our pets in the fabric of urban island life.  Power to your pets!       



The Public Pet supports local brands/artists and pet products made in Hawai'i.  We will always try our best to create an awesome selection of goods for you and your urban pet.  From organic pet treats to hand-made collars and leashes, we have your pet's best interest in mind. Style, quality, & good vibes only! 



Julia Fehér and her best friend, Thumper.

Julia Fehér and her best friend, Thumper.

fighting for awesomeness

Thumper is a 9 year old rescue dog has a lot of heart and huge support from his owner and best friend, Julia Fehér.  Both are residents of our beloved Kaimuki neighborhood and are asking for your help.  Thumper is fighting for his health and he needs our help to ensure he lives an awesome, healthy life.  Please read more about Thumper's story and find it in your heart to donate to his cause. 


"pets are the best members of your family.  we believe that if you care for your pet, then your pet will truly care for you."