Julia Fehér and her best friend,  Thumper .

Julia Fehér and her best friend, Thumper.

THUMPER's story

Thumper is a miraculous dog, his previous owner rescued him from a local shelter when he was 1 years old. Sadly that owner passed away seven years later, leaving Thumper to be returned to the same animal shelter.  On September 10, 2015 Thumper was adopted (at 8 years old) by Kaimuki resident, Julia Fehér (14 years old) and her family.  

Shortly after being adopted, Thumper was terribly frightened by a storm causing him to fall from a four story building. He broke both of his hips along with fracturing his vertebrae. Julia's mother was able to expense Thumper's much needed medical procedures and rehabilitation. This helped Thumper to recover from his accident, eventually allowing him to walk, run, and swim again. 

Unfortunately for Thumper, life has thrown him more challenges to face.  Thumper now needs treatment for a tumor growing on his paw.  Julia and her family spoke with Thumper's veterinarian, whom suspects the tumor to likely be cancer. A biopsy must be conducted to discover more information. Without this, Thumper's only other choice would be to amputate his leg.  To add more grief, Thumper has several painful teeth that must be extracted to avoid infection to his blood stream.  All of this medical attention will cost about $5000, an expense that Julia's family cannot afford because of financial hardships. 



Julia Fehér has now taken it into her own hands and is fiercely campaigning to Kaimuki neighbors, local businesses and organizations.  She is hoping to save her best friend and fundraise enough money to pay for his medical and dental bills.  We at The Public Pet believe that every pet is deserving of love and an awesome life.  We are asking for your help with contributing whatever you can to help Thumper.  All donations are greatly appreciated.  Please donate to Thumper online by clicking the button below or adding to his donation jar at The Public Pet store during business hours (M-F 10-6P / Sa+Su 10-4P). 


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To see Thumper's fundraising progress, please follow his story on Instagram @barketlist.  For every $100 donation received, Thumper will complete 1 of 50 items on his Barket List and share it on his feed.  Please feel free to share Thumper's story with your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers in the hopes that he can receive the care that he deserves.  Mahalo Nui Loa for your ALOHA!