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THE PUPPY CLUB is a six week course that aims to teach and guide you and your pup the proper socialization skills needed to successfully interact with other dogs, people and the world as a whole. With the guidance of our in-house positive trainer, Jean Chee, you and your puppy will gain the confidence and skills necessary to lay a solid foundation for a long and happy life together. POWER TO YOU PETS! Courses will be held at our Kaimuki store and are kept small to ensure that you and your pup get the individualized attention you deserve. 

Please fill out the required form below to apply for The Puppy Club.  All applications will be screened and the owners will be contacted by our trainer to schedule class times. 



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Number of Months. (Numeric characters only. For example, a 4 month old puppy would be entered in as 4. *18 weeks is the maximum age accepted.
Estimated number of pounds. (Numeric characters only. For example, a 5lb puppy would be entered in as 5.) *20lbs is the maximum weight accepted.
Please list the puppy's breed(s) to the best of your knowledge.
Please share any specific information, that will help our trainer better understand your puppy's needs.

PLEASE VISIT for more information and other training rates.

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WOOF! Check out Jean's training tips that will help you and your puppy create the building blocks to an awesome bond.  These tips help your pup to adapt to the world, new people, and new situations.



Did you know that your dog learns more quickly with visual commands over verbal commands? "Luring"obedience training is an excellent way to quickly and affectively teach your puppy a hand signal command. Once they successfully respond to a hand signal, then install a verbal cue like "sit" or "stay".



For a short amount of time gently massage teeth/ gums, stroke ears or massage paws. This is a great way to get your puppy comfortable When being handled at the vet, groomers or getting their teeth brushed. This will help your adult dog to be relaxed and comfortable when they need to make health and wellness visits.



Make shift agility obstacles like this will help your puppy with focus and control. Obstacles like these are great mental stimulus. You can get creative with your activities. Weaving through close standing trees or jumping over a branch are fun ways to boost confidence and bond with your puppy.