The Public Pet is an Urban Pet Supply for Cats & Dogs located in the charming neighborhood of Kaimuki, HI (Eastern Honolulu).  Established in 2015, we sought to create a unique shopping experience for pets and their owners living within the Honolulu landscape.  Taking influence from cities around the globe, our mission was to create a pet supply store that reflected the taste and mindset of the urban shopper.



The meaning of our name is influenced by the societal shift of the modern day pet.  They have become our favorite companions within our everyday life.  They are with us on the road, in the office, around the globe and back.  They are public figures and internet celebrities.  They are honest and forgiving.  They are sometimes our students, other times our teachers.  They are topics of daily conversation.  They are joy. They are sorrow.  They are reflections of us.  If we belong to the public, then they belong to the public. 


  BUSINESS HOURS /// SUN + MON 10-4 / TUE - SAT 10-6

BUSINESS HOURS /// SUN + MON 10-4 / TUE - SAT 10-6