YES, we offer two designated customer parking stalls.  They are located to the left-facing side of our shop.  Look for the large black & white fish mural on our building's exterior.  Turn into the driveway next to that mural, on your immediate left you will see a garage with our customer stalls (each marked with fluorescent orange parking signs). 

These stalls are the only designated parking spaces for customers of The Public Pet.  Parking in any other neighborhood lots are subject to different rules, and The Public Pet is not responsible for your vehicle. Street parking is also available throughout Waialae Ave. as well as on 8th & 9th Avenue.  There are many options for you to explore!

DO you sell pets?

NO, The Public Pet regularly sells food, treats, accessories and supplies for CATS & DOGS only.  On occasion we will host special events where cats and/or dogs are available for adoption or sold by a legitimate third party.  To find out about future events, please take a look at our EVENTS page.

can i bring my cat/dog/pet into the store?

YES, The Public Pet invites all animals into our retail space. We prefer it actually.  Please note that all pets entering our store must be friendly with other animals, children, and adults. ALL pets must monitored by their owners at ALL times.  The Public Pet is not responsible for your pet or any damages it may cause within our retail space.  It is the pet owner's responsibility to clean and manage any situations of incontinence or damage to retail fixtures or merchandise.

what is your return policy?

All returns and exchanges must have a printed or email receipt present at the time of return. All returns and exchanges must be completed within 7 days of the purchase date. Returned merchandise cannot be accepted if the product is found to be used or damaged.  The Public Pet staff will determine the condition of the returned product. Store credit will be issued for all returns and exchanges accompanied by a gift receipt within 7 days of the original purchase date.

For all returns of pet food or pet treats, we will honor a return or exchange within 14 days of purchase.  A printed or email receipt must be present at the time of return. 

We do honor the Raw Dog Hawaii 30-day money back guarantee.  This is only applicable for Raw Dog Hawaii purchases only.  A printed or email receipt must be present at the time of return.

If your pet has a serious reaction or illness from any merchandise sold at The Public Pet please consult a veterinarian immediately.

can i host a private event at the public pet?

YES, please contact us at the shop by calling (808) 737-8887 or emailing us at with your event inquiries.  We will be happy to work with you on planning and scheduling for any Pet Birthdays, Holiday Parties, or Private Events. 

ARE food or drinks allowed in the store?

NO, for the safety of all pets within our space and to ensure uniform cleanliness we ask that ALL food and drinks please be kept outside of the store.  We would hate for any pet in our store to consume anything that could be toxic and deadly for their bodies. Mahalo for your understanding.