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  • The Public Pet 3422 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, HI, 96816 United States (map)


Shown in over 80 countries, Pet Fooled is an investigative exposé about the inner workings of the commercial Pet Food Industry. With the help of Veterinarians, Dr. Barbara Royal (Oprah Winfrey’s Veterinarian) and Dr. Karen Becker, filmmaker Kohl Harrington takes viewers on an entertaining and eye-opening journey exploring all facets of a harrowing and secretive industry, which has operated largely unchallenged, until now.


What Am I Feeding My Dog?

Thanks to Pet Fooled, pet parents are better educated on the history of commercial dog food in America, what actually goes into most commercial pet foods, and why record numbers of dogs are getting sick, developing chronic illness, and dying. As pet parents become informed of the horrific realities of commercially made dog food, they are searching for answers and demanding healthier options for their pets. As such, the raw pet food movement has taken hold and is bigger than ever.


Pet Fooled 2

Pet Fooled 2 will highlight pet industry professionals and pet parents, who value transparency and sourcing the cleanest, biologically appropriate ingredients, as well as the struggles and challenges they endure striving to do what is right, over what is easy.

We are excited to announce that Gary Novosel, Founder and CEO of Raw Dog Hawaiʻi and Hawaiʻi Veteran Small Business Person of the Year, will be featured in the upcoming film, Pet Fooled 2. Raw Dog Hawaiʻi is a manufacturer of Hawaiʻi’s only locally made and sourced, grass fed, pasture raised, or wild, fresh raw dog food. Over the past five years, Gary has forged strong relationships with local sustainable ranchers, farmers, hunters, and retailers, who will be highlighted in the film.


Meet the Director!

Raw Dog Hawaiʻi will be hosting a Talk Story and Q & A event with Pet Fooled Director from 530-8P with Kohl Harrington. Pet Fooled DVDs will be available for purchase.  Pupus and beverages provided.

Earlier Event: May 19